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Gym Class is virtual reality basketball that feels like you’re playing in the real world. It’s social, competitive, and a great workout, just like basketball IRL (in real life). But you also get superpowers. You can fly through the air and dunk like Lebron, and meet and play with friends from thousands of miles away.
Matthew, Justin, and I knew early on that we wanted to build Gym Class more like a consumer startup than a game studio - shipping early, often, and collaboratively with our community. The response has been incredible. While still in beta on Quest App Lab, Gym Class is already a category leader with nearly a million organic downloads, 15K reviews, and a 4.9 star rating. That’s just the beginning; we’re now preparing for our official launch to the Quest main store in a few short months.

With headsets rapidly outselling consoles, VR basketball games have an exciting future. But our community wants Gym Class to become more than “yet another basketball game”. They want a digital sports ecosystem indistinguishable from what you see IRL. One that delivers on deep needs for friendship, identity, entertainment, creation, fitness, fashion, and even competing to become a superstar.

Today we’re excited to announce an $8M seed investment led by Andreessen Horowitz. Andrew, Jon, Jack, and the a16z games team are a hybrid of consumer social and gaming - just like our team. From our first meeting, it was clear we spoke the same language and couldn’t wait to start working together. Also participating in the round is Y Combinator, Founders Inc., Todd and Rahul’s Angel Fund, Balaji Srinivasan, Zaza Pachulia, and several top angels.

If you’re excited about social VR, gaming, digital sports, or just want to have way too much fun building for this global community, come join us. We’re hiring!
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